Microsoft shows a new Hologram that translates keynotes into Japanese

by Anmol
July 18, 2019

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At Microsoft Inspire partner conference, Microsoft showed a new technology that can translate keynotes with ease. The demo was delivered by Julia White, a company executive for Azure who rendered a life-size replica of herself to deliver her keynote in Japanese.

To achieve this, Microsoft used Azure AI and neural text-to-speech which took recordings of White’s voice to create a personalized voice signature which was identical to White’s voice. This is not the first time Microsoft has created life-size holograms of people but with the help of neural text-to-speech and Azure, Microsoft was able to achieve a perfect voice match.

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Unfortunately, the tech is still new and one will need a good number of expensive gear to replicate this. That said, Microsoft is currently targetting businesses with the HoloLens 2 but we do expect the company to bring the technology to the mainstream users in the future.

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