Microsoft Showcases Japanese Windows Phone Mango Apps


25, 2011

Author Pradeep // in Apps


As Windows Phone Mango release gets nearing, Microsoft Japan detailed some of the new apps coming to Windows Phone Mango in Japan.

1) Mixi- A popular social networking site in Japan gets an application in Windows Phone platform. Mixi is the most popular social networking service (SNS) in Japan. While Facebook has only 3.85 million users, mixi has 23 million users.

2) Navitime: When Fujitsu’s Windows Phone device was exposed we came to know about this app. Navitime is one of popular navigation services in Japan including  roadmaps, transit information for train & bus.

3) Jorudan Norikae-Annai:  Jorudan is popular train route finder service in Japan.

4)  Hot Pepper : Hotpepper is popular gourmet and coupon service in Japan.

Find the video showing the same after the break.


Update: App descriptions updated with more details.

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