Microsoft announces SharePoint Syntex, a new AI service to deliver content understanding and process automation

September 22, 2020
Sharepoint Syntex

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Sharepoint Syntex

At Ignite 2019, Microsoft announced Project Cortex, a brand-new commercial service since Teams. Project Cortex in Microsoft 365 will help organizations in identifying, organizing, and delivering knowledge among the employees. Today at Ignite 2020, Microsoft announced SharePoint Syntex, a new AI service to deliver content understanding and process automation. Microsoft mentioned that SharePoint Syntex is the first product stemming from Project Cortex to be made generally available.

Here’s how SharePoint Syntex works:

  • SharePoint Syntex lets you teach AI to read a document and extract information as you would with no-code AI models.
  • It then uses your models to automatically process content, extract information and apply metadata.
  • With rich metadata, you can find and work with content more easily, as well as automatically apply sensitivity and retention labels to manage compliance and streamline processes, such as flagging files that deserve attention.

SharePoint Syntex will be available to purchase for Microsoft 365 commercial customers on Oct. 1. Microsoft is also planning to release similar services later this year to organize information into topics.

Source: Microsoft

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