Microsoft Reveals Win2D API, Brings Hardware Accelerated Direct2D Graphics To Windows Universal Apps


5, 2014

Microsoft today revealed information about Win2D API to expose the power of hardware accelerated Direct2D graphics to Windows and Windows Phone 8.1 Universal App developers. Currently, developers who want to use DirectX based Windows Store app requires native C++ and DirectX APIs that have been made available to the Windows Runtime and it is complex to develop. So, developers have been asking for they way access to DirectX through C#, graphics solutions similar to System.Drawing, XNA and SharpDX, Win2D is the answer from Microsoft for them. Win2D utilizes the power of Direct2D, and integrates seamlessly with XAML and ICoreWindow.

Win2D’s design makes it easier for a C#/C++ developer to use the full capabilities of the Direct2D API without it feeling like a walled garden. These APIs can be used with XAML to produce beautiful graphics apps with rich UI. The API is in the early stages of development and we have a minimal set of 2D drawing functionality already implemented. By no means is the API in its current state a complete representation of Direct2D in Windows Runtime. We believe that releasing the API early, even if it does not have all the Direct2D features, is useful. As a developer and potential user of the API you get the chance to influence the API design early and ultimately help build the best C#/C++ Windows Runtime 2D immediate mode rendering API.

Find more info on Win2D here:

Read about this announcement here.

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