Microsoft resets the Skip Ahead Ring in preparation for the next Windows 10 feature update

by Anmol
July 11, 2018

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Microsoft today announced a new Fast Ring Build for Windows Insiders. The latest build brings some new features as well as fixes some bugs. However, the major highlight of today’s Build is the fact that Microsoft reset the Skip Ahead Ring. This means that Microsoft is ready with RS5 feature wise and is gearing up for the new Windows 10 development cycle.

The complete reset of Skip Ahead will give Insiders an opportunity to enrol into Skip Ahead. However, this is also the time to take a good look at the Insider Settings as Microsoft will soon flight builds from the new branch which might be unstable for primary devices.

We are getting close to the point in the development cycle where our focus will be on stabilization for RS5. As part of the stabilization process, we have “forked” RS5 into its own branch called “RS5_RELEASE” just like we did for RS4 and RS3 before that. Insiders will see this branch change with today’s build. And like we did with RS3 and RS4, we are getting ready to start releasing builds to Insiders who choose to “skip ahead” to the next release of Windows 10. These builds will come from the RS_PRERELEASE branch.

Microsoft has done a complete reset of Skip Ahead Ring so even if you were previously enroled for Skip Ahead you will be downgraded to Fast Ring. Microsoft has removed the Skip Ahead option for the time being and will add once the new branch is ready. Microsoft also confirmed that they will make an announcement about the Skip Ahead Ring soon and allow limited Insiders to enrol.

However, this time we are doing a complete reset of Skip Ahead. Insiders who previously opted in to Skip Ahead will be automatically put back into the Fast ring. The option to join Skip Ahead will disappear from the dropdown under Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program. In the coming weeks, we will make an announcement that we have re-opened Skip Ahead for Insiders to opt-in. If you were previously in Skip Ahead, you will need to opt-in again. Our goal by resetting Skip Ahead is to allow Insiders who previously missed being able to opt-in to be able to do so as well as clear out some PCs that haven’t been active. Skip Ahead will remain capped with a limit and once that limit has been met, Insiders will no longer be able to opt-in.

Microsoft has also ditched the Redstone codename and the codename for the upcoming release is 19H1. For now, you will have to wait for the official announcement from Microsoft. Like the last time, Microsoft will only allow limited Insiders to enrol and will close the Skip Ahead registrations once the number has been met.

Source: Microsoft

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