Microsoft’s Photo Companion app for mobile devices may soon record audio for your photo stories

Microsoft appears to be working on a new feature for their Photo Companion app for mobile operating systems.

The new feature was discovered by Italian site Aggiornamenti Lumia, who found a reference to it in the Preview version of the Photos app.

As can be seen in their gif, the feature would allow users to use the microphone in their device to record narrations for video, and then transfer those recordings via WIFI using a QR Code.

We do not know if this feature will make it to the final release of the app, and the idea does strike me as somewhat unusual, given that most laptops have reasonable microphones (though the same can usually not be said for desktop computers of course.)

What do our readers think of this experimental feature? Let us know below.

The Photos Companion app (which is a Microsoft Garage project) can be found in the Google Play Store and iOS app Store at the links below.

Photos Companion
Photos Companion
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