Microsoft ARE reportedly working on a “mobile-like” ARM device

Microsoft has been teasing a game-changing mobile device that “will not look like phones that are there today” and a rash of recent patents by Microsoft strongly suggest the company is working on a dual-screened foldable tablet which can also make phone calls (AKA Surface Phone).

Now a report from Microsoft watcher Brad Sams, citing two independent sources, states that Microsoft is, in fact, working on a “mobile-like” device running ARM 64 and Microsoft’s new Composable Shell (CShell) which offers a responsive mobile-capable user interface for full Windows 10.

The device, code-named Andromeda,  is reportedly under the stewardship of Alex Kipman, and will be priced like the Surface Book – expensive but affordable, and designed to be a template for other OEMs rather than a one-off stand-alone device.

Of course just because a few devices are floating around inside Microsoft does not mean it will ever see the light of day, but hopefully, we will see a few more leaks to raise our excitement level, which is rather low at present for phone-like devices running a Microsoft OS.

See Brad Sams’s comments below, from 22:15 for about 4 minutes.

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