Microsoft reportedly still working on a $60 mini Xbox for Project xCloud

by Surur
July 4, 2019

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Rumours of a cheap streaming-only Xbox has resurfaced once again, with‘s Brad Sams reporting that the project is still in development.

The tiny box would be designed to make it easy to connect your Xbox controller to your TV and offer minimal processing power itself.

Reportedly the most the box would do would be dealing with some navigation around a 3D environment, but would not deal with rendering, textures and all the other processor-intensive work involved in playing a modern game.

Due to this it would likely cost only around $60 without a controller, according to Sams, and would primarily be designed to make the living room experience as seamless as possible.

At this stage it is not clear of the device would launch concurrently with Xbox Scarlett, but more information should leak out closer to its launch date.

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Would our readers be prepared to shell out $60 for improved streaming convenience? Let us know below.

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