Microsoft Rebrands Bing Suite Apps With ‘MSN’ Branding In Windows Phone Store


30, 2014

As expected, Microsoft today updated their Bing suite of apps in Windows Phone Store with the new MSN branding. The updates are available for Bing News, Bing Weather, Bing Finance, Bing Sports, Bing Health and Fitness and Bing Food and Drink apps.

Bing Health And Fitness app alone has got changes other than branding. You can now longer sync your fitness data with Microsoft HealthVault. However, Microsoft has added a new independent cloud store that syncs your data across devices. There is also a new lock-screen option.

Find the download links of these apps after the break.


weatherqr sportsqr financeqr
Bing News Bing Sports Bing Finance
weatherqr image financeqr
Bing Food and Drink Bing Health And Fitness Bing Weather
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