Microsoft puts Edge Insider Extension into cold storage, no longer available for download

by Rahul
April 1, 2019

Microsoft Edge Insider extension is no longer available for download from the Microsoft store and anywhere else for that matter. However, the Insider extension is still listed on Microsoft Store so you’ll see it if you search using the keyword.

As you know Microsoft no longer want to continue with the EdgeHTML rendering engine which used power Microsoft Edge. The software giant, therefore, embraced the Chromium rendering engine. The announcement of which came December last year. A week earlier Microsoft gave us an early look of the chromium powered Microsoft Edge and with that, the company also launched Microsoft Edge Insider extension.

Microsoft Edge Insider extension is developed for all those who want to stay up to date about the Edge development. The extension brings latest Microsoft Edge Announcements, Features, Known Issues, Fixed issues at your fingertips. Once installed you’ll get to know about all those details mention above in the Microsoft Edge browser.

Now since Microsoft has put the Edge Insider extension into a hibernate mode, users who are planning to give it a shot, won’t be able to do so. Microsoft, nonetheless, is expected to give another life to the extension soon, the thing that is not clear is when.


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