Microsoft PowerToys gets updated to v0.15.1

by Anmol
March 5, 2020
Microsoft powertoys for windows 10

Back in May of 2019, Microsoft announced PowerToys for Windows 10. Microsoft PowerToys is an old app that Microsoft first introduced for Windows 95. The company decided to bring back the app but this time it’s open-source and is available on GitHub.

Yesterday, Microsoft released a new update for PowerToys which bumped the app to v0.15.1. The new update contained a hotfix for FancyZonesEditor crash. Microsoft has added a couple of new features to the v0.15 update. You can head below to check out the full changelog for the update.

  • Make you aware there is a new version from within PowerToys
  • Removed requirement to always ‘run as admin’
  • Added almost 300 unit tests to increase stability and prevent regressions.
  • Resolved almost 100 issues
  • Made .NET Framework parts of the source run faster with NGEN
  • Improved for how we store data locally
  • Increased FancyZones compatibility with applications
  • Created the v1.0 strategy, the launcher, the keyboard manager specs
  • Work on cleaning up our issue backlog and labels

You can get the latest Microsoft PowerToys update v0.15.1 from GitHub. Microsoft has a detailed guide on GitHub on how to install or update PowerToys.

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