Microsoft PowerPoint Cameo is now available when recording slide shows on Mac

April 25, 2023

Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac can already let you add a live camera feed with the Cameo feature. Now, the software giant has improved upon the previous Cameo functionality. Microsoft has announced that Mac users can now personalize their camera feeds for recorded video stories in PowerPoint for Mac.

PowerPoint Cameo is now available when recording slide shows on a Mac. What this means is that you can now “customize your camera feed’s appearance before you record.” That means you can now apply your favorite camera styles, shapes, and sizes to cameo, and choose the perfect place on the slide for your camera feed before starting to record slide shows. According to Microsoft, this will help PowerPoint users on Mac create “more personal” and “immersive stories.”

For those who do not know, the Cameo functionality in PowerPoint allows you to insert your live camera feed directly on a PowerPoint slide. You can also apply formatting, transitions, and styles to your live camera feed to make it more appealing, as you can do on pictures. However, the feature is only available for Microsoft 365 subscribers on Windows and macOS.

What changes with Microsoft’s latest announcement is that Mac users can now apply style, shape, and size before recording. You can review your video; if you do not like it, you can delete it and start afresh. Remember, your camera will appear just as you styled it previously.

Before using this feature on your Mac, here is everything you need to know:

  • Your Mac computer should have a functional webcam and microphone.
  • You need to grant camera permissions to PowerPoint in your computer’s privacy settings.
  • It requires you to be a Microsoft 365 Insider running Beta Channel Version 16.72 (Build 23032701) or later.

It is also important to note that Microsoft is gradually rolling this to Microsoft 365 Insiders on Mac. If you are not seeing it today, you will need to wait a few more days before it becomes available to all Insiders.

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