Microsoft Points may be on their way out, even for in-app purchases

4000On Windows Phone 7 we never really had to suffer Microsoft Points, but of course anyone buying music using the Zune desktop client would be all to familiar with the hassle, not to mention anyone playing an Xbox console game.

Microsoft Points are however set to return with a vengeance to Windows Phone 7, in the form of in-app purchases, which have become one of the primary methods developers monetize games and apps on other platforms. This brings with it of course the added complication of not knowing exactly how much it costs to buy that special power or chain mail etc.

Now a rumour by Inside Mobile Apps, quoting a "source with knowledge of the company’s decision", claims the whole Points system is set to be scrapped by the end of 2012, with Microsoft only taking the time to inform developers.

Overall it is great news for consumer transparency, and will hopefully mean the end of having to load up your account with $5 just to buy something for $0.99, not to mention having points left over you cant spend in the end. With the advent of operator billing the excuse of needing a credit card otherwise also goes away.

Does anyone love MS Points and will mourn their passing? Let us know below.