Microsoft, please fix the App Store search

It’s been 10 months since Microsoft implemented their new and “improved” app search in the Store, and one glaring issue still exists: Keywords have almost no importance compared to the title of apps.

This means that if you make a calendar app, and don’t have the word “calendar” in your app’s title, it probably won’t show up in search results unless your app is EXTREMELY popular compared to the rest.

For example, a search for “calculator” brings up some none-popular app called “Calculator+”, which only has 20 reviews. This is because Microsoft made it so that if you add a “+” sign after a keyword in a title, your app automatically gets a big boost in the search results!

And where are popular calculator apps, like Calculator², with 343 reviews? It’s not even displayed in the search results! Simply because his app’s title doesn’t have exactly “calculator” or “calculator+” in it!

There has been a MSDN thread about this since October of 2012, but nothing has ever been done to fix this obvious issue.

Thus, developers are forced to use generic names instead of creative names if they want to appear in search results.

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