Soon, it will be faster and more efficient to respond to schedule-based task requests on your Microsoft device.  A recently published patent by Microsoft describes an automated, audio channel quick task system, that focuses on streamlining communication and feedback processes.

Here’s what it will look like:

“You received an e-mail from Jan.  If you have an opening in your schedule tomorrow, she would like to meet to discuss the ABC project.  You and Jan have an opening in your calendars from 1:00 until 2:30.

Would you like for me to schedule a meeting?”

“Yes.  At 1:00 for an hour.”

Prior to this, no single user interface had the ability to both recognise actions required of other applications and allow the user to respond to task requests in the same interface.

Now, the new quick task system can extract tasks from a variety of digital content, including e-mails, texts, social media posts, to-do lists, Word documents e.t.c.  Users receive the task notification via an audio message, and their response prompts immediate action- all in the same interface.

Microsoft has also mentioned Cortana’s role in the system.  Based on pre-decided metrics, the digital assistant can help to prioritise tasks and present users with higher-ranked ones first.

This system is limited to tasks that can be processed with limited user actions, so tasks that are longer and require much data simply won’t be presented.

If you’re interested in further details, check out the patent here.

Source: neowin