Microsoft Outlook will get several new search features in the coming months

August 3, 2023
Microsoft Outlook for Windows search

Recently, Microsoft revealed that Microsoft Outlook will get several new features to improve the overall search experience. Some of the new features that are coming to Outlook search includes support for multi account search, ability to get over 1000+ search results, recursive search and more. Find the full list of features and their expected roll out time period below.

  • Multi Account Search: Search now allows results from all mailboxes configured in the app. Searches return in a single search merged results from all their mailboxes on the message list. (Roll out expected in July 2024)
  • 1000+ Search Results: Allow users to return over 1000 results on a single search. (Roll out expected in Jan 2024)
  • Folder/Subfolder Recursive Search: Search returns content stored in the main folder and content stored within all its sub-folders. (Roll out expected in November 2023)
  • Search Box Interface Improvement: Search experience improvement makes it more prominent and discoverable, with higher color contrast on the input area, border, and font, along with fine tunes on all themes as well as light and dark modes. (Roll out expected in September 2023)

All the above search improvements are coming to Outlook web experience. Microsoft may expand these features to other platforms in the future.

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