Microsoft offers more detail on rollout of Variable Playback Speeds for Microsoft Teams Meeting Recordings

Microsoft Teams users will soon be able to review Microsoft Teams Meeting recordings more easily, when Microsoft delivers variable playback speed options for the recordings.

The feature will be available for recordings stored on OneDrive & SharePoint and users will have the option to play from half speed to 2x speed, allowing you to focus on important sections while speeding to slow sections.

Microsoft has now offered more detail on the rollout of the feature.

For Targeted Release Microsoft expects to begin the rollout in early August and be fully rolled out by approximately early September.

For General Availability Microsoft expects to begin the GA rollout in early September and expect that release to be fully rolled out by approximately late September.

Users will see an icon in the bottom right corner of Teams meeting recordings that opens the Playback speed menu. This menu contains options for slower speed (0.5x), normal speed (1x), and faster speed (1.2x, 1.5x, 1.8x, and 2.0x). The setting that a user chooses will persist for the duration of their browser session; they can change it at any time using the Playback speed menu.

Microsoft notes that watching a Teams meeting recording at a playback speed greater than 1 is a great way to save time and be more productive.

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