Microsoft now rolling out new personalized search experience in Office 365


Microsoft today announced that they are starting to roll out a new, personalized search experience in Office 365, along with improvements to Delve. Already, Delve delivers search results that are informed by who you work with, and what you work on. With the new update, Delve will provide even more personalized search experience. Read about it below.

  • Get back to what you were doing—When you click in the Search text box and before you type anything, you will see result items appear based on your most recent work. As you type, you’ll see a refinement of results related to the keywords you enter.
  • Discover new information—Once you press Return, you enter the discovery phase where you are searching content, people (based on name and expertise), and sites from throughout your organization. Content is presented in the order of what is most relevant to you. For example, documents by people you work with will typically rank higher than documents by other people. Similarly, documents on SharePoint sites you work on would be ranked higher.

You can check out this new experience at Microsoft Graph was also recently enhanced to surface more personalized insights in Office 365.

  • New insights come from Office 365 Groups and Outlook modern attachments – Microsoft Graph now derives intelligence from documents from Office 365 Groups, modern attachments from Outlook, and more.
  • Improved performance and content freshness—In addition to relevance improvements, Microsoft Graph results are returned faster with improved success rates and content freshness (the time it takes for new content to appear within results). Relevance context is now pre-processed and sent along with the query on the search index.

Microsoft is also planning to enable this improved search experience within additional Office 365 applications like SharePoint home in Office 365 and mobile apps, OneDrive for Business and more. These new features are rolling out first to Office 365 First Release customers and Microsoft will begin worldwide rollout to all customers by this summer.

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