Microsoft’s .NET Core now available on Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions

Google Cloud Functions is Google’s Function-as-a-Service platform (Microsoft Azure Functions competitor) that allows users to create single-purpose, stand-alone functions that respond to events, without having to manage a server or runtime environment. Google recently announced the availability of Microsoft’s .NET Core 3.1 on Google Cloud Functions. Google also announced that the Cloud Functions .NET runtime also supports VB and F#.

With this support, you can write functions using .NET Core 3.1 runtime with Google’s Functions Framework for .NET, an open source functions-as-a-service framework for writing portable .NET functions. As you expect, .NET functions will scale automatically based on your load. You can also write HTTP functions to respond to HTTP events, and CloudEvent functions to process events sourced from other Google Cloud services including Pub/Sub, Cloud Storage and Firestore.

Source: Google