Microsoft migrating its content on the Microsoft Learning website to Microsoft Learn

June 28, 2020

Microsoft Learn

Microsoft yesterday announced that it will migrate all the content on the Microsoft Learning website ( to Microsoft Learn ( From July 1, 2020, all training and certification resources from Microsoft will be available only on Microsoft Learn. Scheduled exams, badges, certificates, and transcripts will remain available in Microsoft Learn. Also, Microsoft has added links to the Certification Dashboard to the Microsoft Learn profile page.

Why Microsoft is doing this migration?

Microsoft Learn is the place to start your learning journey to explore and learn about our technologies, and to discover a comprehensive collection of training options that empower you to learn in a style that fits you best. In addition to free self-paced learning paths that combine short, step-by-step tutorials, browser-based, interactive, coding/scripting environments, and task-based achievements, you can now discover Microsoft Certifications and instructor-led training options on Microsoft Learn as we continue toward a single learning destination for Microsoft learners.

Source: Microsoft Learn

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