Microsoft may retire Remix 3D early next year

Microsoft’s Remix 3D service allows Paint 3D users to easily get up and running by downloading 3D objects from their online repository, modify them and also to share their finished creations with others.

The feature debuted as part of the Paint 3D app, but also found integration in the Windows 10 Photos app.

There has been increasing signs that the service is being deprecated, with Microsoft last year, for example, removing the Upload to Remix 3D menu option from the Paint 3D app, and more recently Microsoft removing the notice that they are deprecating the regular Paint app for Windows and actually adding features to it.

Now new evidence has arrived that the service is entering End of Life soon.

In an online resource file for the service, WalkingCat found text for a notice in the app notifying users that the service will end on the 10th January 2020. It reads:

Shutdown_Banner:”We will be retiring on January 10, 2020 and all user content will be deleted. Please download any of your 3D models that you want to save. “,Shutdown_Banner_WebBlends:”Microsoft’s 3D content service is changing. “

WalkingCat also noted that this suggests the poorly received Paint 3D app may also be on its last legs.

Of course, Microsoft has not made any announcement yet, but it has been a while since the Paint 3D app has been meaningfully updated, suggesting “Microsoft’s 3D content service is changing“, and not in a good way.

Will any of our readers miss the much-maligned Windows 10 3D apps? Let us know below.

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