Microsoft is making its Windows 10 Photos app more like Google Photos

Microsoft is beginning to roll out a set of updates to make its default Windows Photos app more like Google’s lauded Photos app.

The firm promised these features when it announced its Fall Creators Update, and now users on Insider Release Preview are beginning to see these changes. Not all users, I haven’t seen them yet, but some are.

In an update rolled out earlier this week, Microsoft added a search bar for photos. This means that users are able to search their photos for things like “sandwich” — for example — and find all photos with sandwiches included. Microsoft has similar technology in its OneDrive web app, as well as iOS and Android. It was only a matter of time till these features were added to the Microsoft Photos app.

Microsoft is also testing other features for Photos, including a Bing page for searching Photos online, renaming the headers to Stories instead of Albums, and a persistent carousel of new albums and tips. Not all these features have rolled out, and some have since been rescinded, but they give us an idea of what Microsoft is thinking the Photos app should be.

Microsoft has promised to bring its Photos app (or a variant of it) to iOS and Android later this year, so users in the Microsoft ecosystem won’t have to use OneDrive. I’ll be looking forward to seeing how that compares to Google Photos when it’s released.

You can download Microsoft Photos from the store link below.

Microsoft Fotos
Microsoft Fotos
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