Microsoft makes it easy for enterprises to create branded virtual assistants


14, 2018

Microsoft today announced a new open source bot solution accelerator for virtual assistants. This solution will allow enterprises to create their own branded virtual assistants easily. Microsoft built this solution accelerator based on the best practices developed while working with partners who developed their own virtual assistants. Since this solution is open source, anyone can create an assistant based on it and also enjoy full control over the end user experience built on a set of foundational capabilities.

To increase developer productivity and enable a vibrant ecosystem of reusable conversational experiences, we are providing developers initial examples of reusable conversational skills. These skills can be added into a conversational application to light up a specific conversation experience, such as finding a point of interest, interacting with a calendar, tasks, or email, with more to follow. Skills are fully customizable and consist of language models for multiple languages, dialogs, and code.

Learn more about this solution accelerator here.

Source: Microsoft

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