Microsoft announces the M12 CISO Network

Microsoft M12 CISO Network

Microsoft recently announced the new M12 CISO Network. M12 CISO Network includes industry leading CISOs from global companies across professional services, financial services, healthcare, retail, food and beverage, energy and more. Microsoft listed the following as the reasons for establishing the M12 CISO Network.

  1. Learn from CISOS: cultivate peer-to-peer conversations, capture the latest trends that have their attention, and understand their most significant business opportunities and challenges.
  2. Influence M12 investments: identify the cybersecurity startups that have captured the mindshare of this group of experts.
  3. Facilitate customer connections: expose this network of cybersecurity business decisionmakers to impactful M12 portfolio company solutions. For example, yesterday, the founders behind M12 portfolio companies Aqua and seed investment Authomize had the opportunity to pitch their technology to attendees.

You can read about M12 CISO Network from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft