Microsoft is slowly bringing back Windows 8’s snapping features to Windows 10

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Windows 8 offered an amazing experience for tablet users and improved the multitasking features in Windows – at least for touch display users. While Microsoft has added some of the multitasking features from Windows 7 in Windows 10, the OS lacks some multitasking features which were pretty nice in Windows 8. Thankfully though, Microsoft seems to be working on addressing these issues.

With the latest build of Windows 10 (10547), Microsoft has added a new option for multitasking which will allow users to automatically resize two apps to fit the screen – kind of like the multitasking feature in iOS 9 (inspired by Windows 8). Here’s a GIF showing off the new multitasking feature:


This is indeed a really nice addition to Windows 10. What’s even nicer is that the new multitasking feature works with all kind of apps — even with the Classic Windows Apps (aka Win32 apps). If you want to enable this feature, just head over to the Settings app, and navigate to System>Multitasking — after that, enable the option called “When I resize a snapped window, simultaneously resize any adjacent snapped window”.

Microsoft has also added a new feature for the tablet mode in Windows 10 which will allow users to replace a previously snapped app with another from the Task View, which is also a nice addition:


As you can see, Microsoft is working pretty hard to bring some of Windows 8’s much-loved multitasking features. Windows 8 didn’t offer a good experience for desktop users and offered a pretty good experience for tablet users while Windows 10 offers a really good experience for desktop users, leaving the tablet users out in the cold (at least for now). Things are improving and we expect Microsoft to improve the multitasking experience in Windows 10 with the upcoming builds.

If you liked multitasking on a Windows 8 tablet, what do you think of the new multitasking features in Windows 10 Build 10547? Discuss in the comments section below.

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