Microsoft is rolling out “Stats for nerds” for Microsoft Teams video calls


29, 2021

Video calls often have quality issues, and it can be difficult to know if it’s caused by your internet connection, the person you are communicating with or your device.

Microsoft has updated the Call Health Panel in MicrosoftTeams so end-users can now identify issues during a Teams meeting or a VOIP call. This empowers end-user with the diagnostics to investigate audio, video, content sharing or network related issues.

The stats include:

  • Audio: Outbound and inbound audio statistics
  • Video: Outbound video statistics
  • Content Sharing: Outbound and Inbound content sharing statistics
  • Network: Insights into the network health and connectivity

The real-time metrics are updated every 15 seconds and provide end user with the ability to trace issues as they occur with the audio/video/content sharing/network quality. End-users can track parameters such as round-trip time, packet loss, etc. as the meeting progresses and infer the call quality.

To access this feature please go to More actions (…) and click on Call Health.  It is being rolled out in late June and expect to complete the rollout by late August.

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