Microsoft is rolling out new Video Clip preview to allow recording and editing of videos within Teams

August 17, 2022

Microsoft has made just another improvement in Teams in order to make it more appealing as a business communication platform for everyone. Aside from supporting video calls, users can now send video clips directly to their contacts and record and edit them within Teams. This “Video Clip” is now being released gradually as a public preview.

Microsoft Teams is known by business individuals as a reliable communication platform. Now, the support for recording videos just made it more convenient with the proper tools you can use to do basic edits of the clips before sending them. It will only allow a video with a maximum length of one minute, but it should be sufficient enough for your everyday needs. It is also more labor-saving than opening multiple apps just to record and edit a video.

The Video Clip feature can come in handy, especially at work and job training, where reminders are better delivered in videos. In addition, the sent videos will stay within the conversation, so users can easily and quickly access them in messages anytime they want to use the clips for reference.

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