Microsoft is renaming UI Fabric to Fluent UI

March 13, 2020

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Microsoft UI Fabric is a collection of UX frameworks that developers can use to build cross-platform Fluent experiences. Microsoft today announced that it is renaming UI Fabric to Fluent UI.
With Fluent UI, Microsoft is also announcing the convergence of two web engineering frameworks – Fabric and Stardust. Microsoft will merge two repositories, UI Fabric and Stardust as Fluent UI in GitHub.

Microsoft said that this merge process allows teams inside Microsoft to collectively work together on a shared code base with a shared set of build and development toolsto support products and community more efficiently.

Microsoft is planning to release a major update for Fluent UI in summer 2020 with following features.

  • Improve runtime performance through styling optimizations.?We’re evaluating how we can reduce css-in-js style calculation overhead to improve rendering performance. 
  • Improve flexibility and composition of components. Leverage React hooks and function components, along side API surface improvements, to give developers more composition options. 
  • Provide a more flexible, powerful theming system. Extend our list of design tokens and improve our theming tooling to apply your design. 
  • Eliminate deprecated React API usage.?This enables partners to test React concurrent mode rendering, which allows rendering to be interruptible reducing how much the UI thread is blocked during large updates.

You can learn more about this announcement from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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