In the spirit of Thanksgiving, Microsoft has announced that they are making improvements to the guest user experience in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft will be making the following changes:

  • A guest user can now decline a pending guest invitation within Teams app
    • When the guest user clicks Decline, Teams Tenant List will not show the tenant with the pending invitation and in the Account Management tab
  • A guest user can now initiate leaving an org (taking the user to the portal where the user can now leave a guest tenant)
    • When the guest user clicks Leave Org, user will be guided on how to leave a tenant from Teams and Azure Portal
  • A guest user can now manage guest tenant list by choosing to hide/show guest tenants
    • When the guest user clicks Hide/Show, the tenant will be shown (or hidden) in the Menu under the tenant list.

The changes will have no effect on guest user permission and/or access to resources.

Microsoft expects to begin rolling out the improvements in early December to the Desktop and Web app and expect the rollout to be completed by late December.