Microsoft is killing its HealthVault consumer health service

Few years ago, Google killed their Health service and asked its users to migrate their to Microsoft’s HealthVault service. Last year, Microsoft decided to shutdown HealthVault Insights mobile apps. Last month, Microsoft announced its plans to kill Microsoft Health web dashboard and Microsoft Band mobile apps. Now, Microsoft has decided to kill the HealthVault service altogether. Microsoft today sent out a notification email to HealthVault users that the service will be shut down on November 20.

Users need to migrate the data some other health service to avoid the risk of losing years of health data. Fortunately, Microsoft has partnered with Get Real Health allowing HealthVault users to transition their existing data after the pending retirement of HealthVault. After few clicks, HealthVault account can have their data migrated to Get Real Health’s Lydia platform.

Some of the advanced features that HealthVault users will see in Lydia include:

  • Apple and Android native apps
  • A brand-new sleek user experience
  • Connection to a growing number of health devices
  • The ability to upload health data from any doctor or hospital
  • Securely share all health data for your entire family
  • Access simply through Touch ID and (upcoming) Face ID

“This is like getting back to our roots—to the heart of what we do,” says CEO and President, Robin Wiener. “Connecting a client to HealthVault was how we first developed a passion for connected health and was the impetus for our shift away from professional services to creating patient engagement tools.”