Microsoft is building three new Garage locations across the world



Microsoft today announced that they are opening three new Garage locations across the world. There are currently seven Garage spaces either open or under construction. The Garage was first launched at Redmond in 2013. Later, Microsoft opened one in Vancouver, BC in June, 2016, and Herzliya, Israel in July, 2016. The Silicon Valley Garage is also now open and Microsoft is planning to host an official grand opening in upcoming months.

In addition to these four locations, Microsoft is planning to open three new Garage locations: Beijing, China in the first half of 2017, Hyderabad, India in the second half of 2017, and Cambridge, Massachusetts in early 2018.

What makes an ideal Garage location? They should have large concentrations of employees—a critical mass with a high level of diversity that is ripe for innovative thinking. They should have substantial interest and participation in Garage activities and the desire to build strong connections to local tech and higher education communities.

These criteria led to an initial focus on Microsoft Global Development Centers (GDCs). “While many sites are participating in Garage activities, we decided to bring dedicated facilities and staff to support the innovation that is already happening at the GDCs,” says Ramos.

Learn about Microsoft Garage here.

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