Microsoft Investing More Than $10 Billion In Data Centers Annually


We know Microsoft is investing billions in developing their new data centers to power their enterprise and consumer cloud services. Speaking at GreenPages’ CloudScape 2015 conference, Microsoft GM George Taylor has revealed that they are spending over $10 billion in building out data centres, more than they spend annually on R&D.

“We used to invest about $10 billion in research per year, which we still do. Our data center investments are more than that. It is unbelievable,” Taylor said. “I would have never thought that years ago. And they keep growing.”

“It is crazy,” he said. “We continue to pour money into data centers.”

He said Microsoft’s datacenter capacity is growing 10 times annually. Microsoft now has over 90,000 Azure customers, 1.4 million SQL databases in Azure, 475 million Azure active directory users and 3,200 Azure MarketPlace Applications.

via: CRN