Microsoft introduces completely redesigned Yammer with Fluent Design elements

November 4, 2019

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Microsoft is not giving up on Yammer yet. Even though Facebook Workplace is attracting several large organizations, Microsoft feels that Yammer can provide better experience. At Ignite 2019, Microsoft today surprised everyone by announcing completely redesigned Yammer experience. This new Yammer experience is built from the ground up with the Fluent Design System and offers several new features that will enable leadership engagement, company-wide communication, and communities in Microsoft 365.

The new Yammer will also have following deep integration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Outlook.

  • Yammer can be integrated with Microsoft Teams in the left rail as an app. So employees can access Yammer with a single click from Teams.
  • New Outlook integration will allow you to read, like, and reply to Yammer conversations within your Outlook inbox.
  • The Yammer web part for SharePoint introduces Yammer’s new design and features, including questions and answers, to power a social intranet.

Other new features that will be part of new Yammer:

  • A new, personalized conversation feed powered by AI.
  • Each community can be given a unique identity with branding and cover photos.
  • Communicators can highlight conversations with pinned posts, and close discussions to prevent replies.
  • Leaders can broadcast live and ondemand events with a new, simpler production option using webcams and desktop sharing.
  • Users can also share experiences and messages with short videos posted directly from the Yammer mobile app.

This redesigned Yammer experience will be available in private preview for select customers in December. Microsoft will roll-out this experience to all users in 2020.

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