Microsoft introduces app and game limits under family settings on Windows 10 and Xbox One

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Microsoft today announced improved family settings on Windows 10 and Xbox One. In the new family settings, you now have app and game limits that will allow parents to cap how much time their children can use specific apps or games. Once you set a limit, it will be applicable across the devices tied to their child’s account. For example, you can choose to set one hour of game time for PubG each day and 1 hour for Netflix. It is important to note that this block will not work when Netflix is accessed through its website. You can access this new feature in preview within the existing family settings across Windows 10, Xbox One and Android via Microsoft Launcher.

In the past year, Microsoft has also updated family settings on Xbox to enable parents to enable or block their child’s access to play or communicate with players on other networks. Microsoft has also made it easier to set up a child account on Xbox One.

Source: Xbox, Microsoft