Microsoft has fixed Windows 10 activation issues


When Microsoft launched Windows 10, some users failed to activate Windows 10 because of server issues. I also faced the same issue while doing a clean install of Windows 10 – it didn’t activate in the first boot, then it activated by itself and deactivated again – so I just left it and after a while, my Windows is finally activated properly. However, some users are still concerned if clean installing Windows 10 will activate Windows for them – if you’re one of them, don’t fret, because Microsoft states that the activation issues has been fixed:

That means, if you have previously used a legal copy of Windows 10 with your Microsoft Account and do a clean install, Windows will get activated for you properly. It’s worth noting that if it doesn’t activate for you, just give it some time and it should activate automatically.

Have you faced any activation issues on Windows 10 yet? Discuss in the comment section below.

Source: Gabriel Aul