Microsoft halts Windows 365 Cloud PC free trial due to “unbelievable response”

by Surur
August 3, 2021
Microsoft Windows 365 Availability

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A mere day after it has launched, Microsoft has halted the free trial of their new Windows 365 Cloud PC product.

The change was announced by Scott Manchester, Director of Program Management, Windows 365, on Twitter earlier today.

Microsoft says they have paused new free trials to allow the company to lay on new server capacity, and are encouraging those who are interested to sign up to be notified when free trials will resume.

Windows 365 runs on Microsoft Cloud, you can enjoy an instant-on boot experience on any device including your Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, and coming soon Linux device. You can pick up right where you left off, because the state of your Cloud PC remains the same, even when you switch devices.

Because the service runs on remote servers, it does also leave you open to issues around the availability and resources of those servers.

Windows 365 will be offered in two variants:

  • Windows 365 Business (for organizations with up to 300 employees)
  • Windows 365 Enterprise (for organizations with more than 300 employees)
Windows 365 Business Windows 365 Enterprise
Click –to-provision directly from product page X
“No-domain” set up X
Self-serve troubleshooting – reset X
“Cloud Save” (minimal Azure storage and potentially ODfB) X X
Self-serve upgrades X
Universal Print (UP) Integration X
Partner/programmatic enablement (Graph APIs, MSP tooling) X
Custom images X
Image Management [store, replicate, deploy] X
MEM policy driven provisioning, management and guided scenarios X
EA based reporting, monitoring X
Service health, operational health alerts X
Connection to on-premises [networks, apps, resources] + diagnostics X
Advanced MEM based troubleshooting and device management X

Read more about it at Microsoft here.

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