Microsoft Flight Simulator airports and planes detailed in new video


30, 2020

Microsoft Flight Simulator is edging closer to release by the day, and developer Asobo Studios has commemorated the game’s approaching launch with a video detailing all Microsoft Flight Simulator airports and aircraft. 

The video, which displays all Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft and handcrafted airports, goes through all versions of the game: Standard, Deluxe and Ultimate. Check a look below:

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For a detailed list of airports and aircraft available within the upcoming game, check our article here.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 will be the most enhanced flight sim available when it launches on August 18th for Windows 10 PCs on Steam, Windows Store and Xbox Game Pass PC.

The game aims to fully realise the entirety of Earth using the combined powers of Asobo Studios’ hardworking developers, Microsoft Azure cloud technology and Bing Maps.

Microsoft Flight Sim will include more than 37 thousand airports, 1.5 billion buildings, 2 trillion trees, mountains, roads, rivers and more, all affected by a gorgeous dynamic weather system and a newly created day and night system allowing for night VFR, visual flight rules, navigation.

The game will see the inclusion of virtual reality support later in the year. 

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