Microsoft explains why Windows 11 feels faster than Windows 10 on the same hardware

by Surur
September 8, 2021
Microsoft Windows 11 features

We already know Windows 11 will make better use of new processors than Windows 10, but Microsoft says even on older hardware Windows 11 will feel significantly faster.

In a Microsoft Mechanics video, Microsoft VP Steve Dispensa from the Windows Management team detailed some of the improvements.

These include:

  • Memory and CPU resource management improvements that prioritise foreground windows.
  • Even in browsers, prioritising foreground tabs by sleeping inactive tabs, reducing memory usage by up to 32% and CPU usage by 37%.
  • Faster resume by optimized calls to hardware components that need to power on for better overall memory management and reducing starvation across key processing threads so that power is preserved for the threads that really need it.
  • 40% smaller and therefore faster updates thanks to a new update engine that only downloads the necessary files from Microsoft’s servers.

Microsoft says Windows 11 should feel snappier and more responsive  and the resume experience should be “almost instantaneous.”

Watch the video below:

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via onMSFT

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