Microsoft Edu’s top 10 Microsoft Edge features (video)


8, 2020

Microsoft Education has been making a strong push into schools, and one of their secret weapons has been Microsoft Edge, which includes a number of tools designed to make life easier for students, such as the wonderful Immersive Reader and the useful Collections feature of the browser.

Today Principal Group Product Manager – Microsoft Education, uploaded a video listing his top 10 features of the new Microsoft Edge browser, which can be seen below:

YouTube player

For quick reference, the list includes:

0:00 Vertical Tabs
1:10 Read Aloud and Immersive Reader
3:20 QR code generator
4:28 Collections
5:49 Web Capture (screenshot)
7:20 Profiles
8:40 Privacy Settings for Tracking
9:27 PDF Read Aloud and Ink/Draw on PDF
10:14 Sync Edge extensions and other info
11:14 Dark mode

Do our readers have any favourites of your own? Let us know below.

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