Microsoft Edge is getting floating desktop search widgets


2, 2021

We reported in February that Microsoft is testing new desktop widgets powered by the Edge browser, with some Edge users having access to a news and weather widget, which, much like the new taskbar news feed, delivers weather and news via Microsoft’s Bing service.

Now WindowsLatest has revealed the presence of a new widget – a floating search toolbar that can float over other apps.


Those lucky enough to have the feature available can activate it by going to Edge Menu> Toolbar and select Web Widget.

It appears there will ultimately be 3 layouts available – vertical, dashboard and search only. Vertical and Dashboard will focus on news and interests while the Search one will let users do Bing searches from anywhere(which open in the Edge browser). When not in use the search bar docks to the side of the display.

The feature is currently available in the Edge Canary browser for some.

Have any of our readers received access to this new feature? Let us know your experience below.

Screenshots via WindowsLatest

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