Microsoft Edge Dev build 103.0.1255.0 adds several new features

May 18, 2022
Microsoft Edge

Microsoft released Edge Version 103 for the Dev Channel last week. Today, the company is releasing another small update to Version 103, adding several new features, changes, improvements, and bug fixes.

The latest version of Edge Dev is 103.0.1255.0. Microsoft has started testing the Microsoft Edge Secure Network feature with select users with the latest update. The company says it will collect feedback to improve the in-browser privacy experience.

The latest Edge Dev update has so much more than the in-browser privacy experience. It comes with the following new features:

  • Features to Support launch some universal links.
  • Features for Presentations and Spreadsheets searches.
  • Group policy feature for the guided switch.
  • Feature to trigger for complete address fill logic.
  • Management policy to control if Guided Switch is Enabled.
  • Added a .NET API to WebView2 to support multiple profiles.

Moreover, the latest version comes with many improvements and bug fixes. You can check out the fixes and improvements below.

Edge Dev 103.0.1255.0 Improvements

Microsoft Edge Dev 103.0.1255.0

Microsoft Edge Dev 103.0.1255.0 Bug fixes and other changes

If you want to test these new features, You can download Microsoft Edge DevĀ here from the Official Microsoft Edge Insider website.

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