Microsoft does not think you should use Edge Canary as your default browser

by Surur
February 28, 2020

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is under constant active development, with the company regularly adding features in the various development channels, starting with the Edge Canary channel.

The latest feature to show up in Edge Canary, noticed by Techdows, is a section which allows you to set the browser as your default browser, but in fact, Microsoft suggests you do not use it.

On the Settings page, Microsoft notes that “The Canary channel can not be made your default browser. Canary builds can be unstable – they’re released daily to validate bug fixes and test brand new features.

The button, which is greyed out, would however simply take you to the Defaults Apps page in Windows settings, where you can, of course, set your default browser to whatever you want, including Edge Canary.

In any case, the feature should be coming to the other Edge channels in short order, when Microsoft will presumably light up the button.

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