Microsoft Edge for Android now offers one tap summary of web pages through Copilot

October 21, 2023
Microsoft Edge for Android Copilot

Microsoft recently updated its Edge (Canary build) mobile browser on Android. This latest Edge browser update brings the new Copilot feature to the bottom navigation bar. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Copilot icon is now placed front and center. When you are browsing any website on the Edge browser, you can just tap the Copilot button to get a quick summary of the web page. After going through the summary of the web page, you can continue the conversation with Copilot with related questions.


Microsoft Edge for Android - Copilot Summary

The desktop version of Edge browser requires you to invoke Copilot and request a summary of the webpage you visit. The mobile version of Edge simplifies this process with a one-tap summarize option that consumers will find useful. Edge for Android can also summarize PDF documents in the same way as web pages. You can download the latest Edge for Android Canary build from Google Play Store to try out this feature.

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