Microsoft Edge Addon Store gets support for Editors’ Picks, user reviews and ratings

by Anmol
March 18, 2020
Microsoft Edge

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Back in December, Microsoft Edge Addon Store went live for the public with around 160 extensions. Since then, the number has grown and earlier this month, it passed 1,000 extensions. Seeing the steady rise in extensions, Microsoft has implemented an important feature to the extension store.

Microsoft Edge Addon Store now allows users to give ratings and reviews just like on any other store. Microsoft has also introduced an Editor Picks option that shows handpicked extensions from the store. Currently, there are around 40 extensions under Editiors’ Picks including Grammarly, AdBlocker, Hola and others. In order to give an extension a rating, you will need to sign in using your Microsoft account and navigate to the extension page.

Do note that you need to have the extension installed to give a rating. Just like other app stores, Microsoft Edge Addon Store allows you to give between 1 and 5-star rating along with an optional review. The ratings will be visible publicly to everyone who’s browsing the store.

Via Techdows

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