Microsoft Edge Add-ons website goes live



A little while ago we reported that Microsoft is working on a new Add-ons page separate from the Microsoft Store for Edge users to download the extensions. Back then the website didn’t make sense since the extensions were made for Chromium but with Microsoft releasing Edge to everyone, the website will come in handy to install extensions.

Microsoft released the official build for Microsoft Edge earlier today and you can now access the Add-ons website to download extensions. The website works like Chrome’s Web Store which allows users to add new extensions. On Microsoft Edge, you can follow the steps below to access the Add-ons website.

  • On Microsoft Edge, click on the hamburger menu (…) and select Extensions.
  • Once there, click on “Get Extensions from the Microsoft Store” to open the add-ons website.
  • On the website you will see the list of supported extensions and you can click on any of those to install.

  • The installed extensions will show up in the Extensions page.

We are not sure if Microsoft plans to keep the page or if they will merge it with Microsoft Store Extensions page once Edge is rolled out to the public. Also, one important thing missing from the page is the ability to search for extensions. For now users will have to manually scroll around to look for a specific extension.

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