Microsoft Edge 91 will finally let you disable the “recommended browser settings” prompt, and not a minute too soon

by Surur
May 29, 2021
edge prompt

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Microsoft is pretty far from winning the browser war, which means the company is constantly urging users to switch to Edge and Bing, to the annoyance of most people who have long ago made their choice.

edge prompt

In the latest stable version of Edge, Edge 91, Microsoft is finally offering users a way to disable such prompts.

Leo Varela has noticed a new flag in the browser, edge://flags/#edge-show-feature-recommendations which disables Edge’s propensity to “show active messages recommending specific features and workflows based on your activity“.

The flag did not come a minute too soon, as some users are reporting being inundated by such prompts at present with one saying:

With the latest Microsoft Edge update, Edge keeps displaying a dialogue box asking to change the settings to “Use Microsoft recommended browser settings”, where the default search engine is Microsoft Bing.

Despite selecting “Don’t update your browser settings” and clicking the “Apply setting” button, it keeps repeatedly coming back. The same happens when clicking the “X”. Whenever the machine is restarted and Edge is opened, this dialogue box is displayed again. I am unable to prevent this dialogue box from being repeatedly displayed.

This is not consent. This also isn’t the first time Microsoft have tried doing this type of nonsense. I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that this is an accidental bug and it will be quickly rectified, however I’m pretty close to replacing Edge with Vivaldi across all machines at the moment. It shouldn’t even be asking once, as the search engines are managed by Group Policy.

Have any of our readers noticed this problem? Let us know below.

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