Microsoft Edge 104 released to the Beta Channel

July 8, 2022

Microsoft has finally released Edge 104 for the Beta Channel Insiders. It also means that Microsoft Edge 104 also gets one step closer to being available for the Stable Channel users. That said, it doesn’t come with any major new features that will excite you, especially if you’re a consumer. Nonetheless, if you are curious, you read the complete official changelog below.

Edge Beta 104.0.1293.14 Changelog

Edge 104 for Beta Channel

You can read the complete changelog on the official Microsoft website too.

In other Microsoft Edge-related news, Microsoft pushed its first Edge 105 build to the Dev Channel about a week ago. It introduced some exciting new features, improvements, and bug fixes. Those who want to join the Dev Channel can download Edge Dev from here.

Meanwhile, if you want to become an Edge Beta Channel Insider, you can download the Edge Beta browser from the official Microsoft website. The free web browser is available on all major platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

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