Microsoft Dynamics Online now available from Canadian datacentres


12, 2016


Microsoft today announced that Dynamics CRM Online is now available in the new local Microsoft Canadian datacenters in Toronto and Quebec. Microsoft also revealed that the new Microsoft Dynamics AX is available in preview for customers today and scheduled to go live in Canadian Datacenters in September 2016. It will store customer data within the Canadian data centers including a disaster recovery tenant for business continuity. Additionally, the public preview of Microsoft Project “Madeira” is now available in Canada in a localized version specific for the Canadian market.

One of the largest cloud operators in the world, Microsoft has invested more than $15 billion in building a resilient cloud infrastructure and cloud services that deliver high availability and security while lowering overall costs. With Dynamics CRM Online now available for purchase in 130 markets, today’s announcement is further evidence of Microsoft’s commitment to expanding its trusted cloud infrastructure in Canada and around the world.

Find more details about Dynamics Online here.

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