Microsoft drops Andromeda references in Windows 10, adds Santorini in its place

by Surur
July 5, 2019

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We reported in March this year that Microsoft was abandoning two shell projects, Andromeda and Polaris, and would be going ahead with Santori instead.

For those lost in the code words, Andromeda was, of course, the small dual-screen folding tablet, and Polaris was the new desktop shell running on Windows Core OS.

Santorini is the code name for Windows Lite, and now Walking Cat has found that in a diff of Windows 10 Build 18934 Microsoft has removed references to Andromeda and added in instead references to Windows Lite, notably in the area of cellular connectivity.

This does not, of course, confirm that Microsoft is now making a phone running Windows Lite, as cellular connectivity is now table stakes for Always Connected PCs.

It does, however, add another nail in the coffin of Andromeda, which last we heard had been pushed extremely far into the back burner.

See the cheat sheet below:

According to a number of reports, Microsoft is continuing to work on a larger dual-screen laptop with the code name Centaurus. Read more about that somewhat exciting project here.

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