Microsoft discontinues hotfix service for Windows

It looks like Microsoft has discontinued the hotfix service for Windows users. The service which was started by Microsoft as an attempt to roll out small fixes for Windows without a full system-wide update. While end-users don’t usually use hotfixes, it’s used by system admins around the world.

Now System admins or users who tried to download the hotfixes got the message saying “This hotfix is no longer available”. Microsoft hasn’t officially commented on why they removed hotfixes so we can’t say if it’s temporary or permanent but it sure was a great way to deliver bug fixes.

The Hotfix service is no longer available. Instead you can find your fix or patch by upgrading to the latest update available for your product.

You can also obtain Microsoft drivers, software updates, and other support files by downloading them from the Microsoft Catalog, the Microsoft Download Center, or upgrade to Windows 10. Windows 10 contains the most up-to-date security and other features built right in.

– Microsoft

The company does say that the service is no longer available so we are guessing the move is permanent. That said, you can still download cumulative updates from Microsoft Catalog or from the Download Center but it’s safe to say that we won’t be seeing Hotfix service anymore.

Via: gHacks; Winfuture